Cherry Popcorn Glaze

  • Cherry Popcorn Glaze

Turn any ordinary serving of popcorn into a sweet cherry treat with this frosted cherry popcorn glaze! Easy to use, this glaze is sure to keep your customers coming back for more as they satisfy their sweet tooth with rich cherry flavor. It's also an easy way to boost profits and impulse buys at your carnival cart or concession stand! Offer pink popcorn like the carnivals and fairs. 


Use measure of cherry glaze equal to 3/4 the quantity of popcorn. (IE 6 oz cherry glaze to 8 oz popcorn kernels)


        Step 1. Turn on Popcorn Machine Kettle

        Step 2.  Pour in correct type and amount of oil and allow to melt

        Step 3.  Pour popcorn kernels into the "hot" oil

        Step 4.  Allow corn to become coated with "hot" oil (approx. 1 minute)

        Step 5.  Shake/sprinkle cherry over entire corn surface

        Step 6.  Close the kettle lid and allow corn to pop

        Step 7.  Dump the popped corn promptly: do not wait for the last kernel to pop as this will result in mixture burning.

Sold in a 28 oz. easy to use zip lock bag.  

Delivered by Canada Post, Canpar or Freight Forwarder

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