Popcorn Seasoning - Barbeque

  • Popcorn Seasoning - Barbeque

Popcorn Seasoning - Barbeque, spice up your popcorn tonight.

Enhance the flavor of your popcorn with our savory BBQ Shaker. With hints of onion, garlic, chili pepper, paprika and smoke, this bold blend of classic BBQ flavors is sure to give your popcorn a gourmet edge. Our family of low-fat, mouthwatering seasonings take the taste of warm, buttery popcorn to the next level. Simply sprinkle into your bag of microwave popcorn or onto freshly popped kernels made using your at-home popcorn machine, air popper or stovetop. Add multiple Snappy Shakers to your pantry to bring more fun to movie night. These versatile seasonings can also be used to boost the flavor of a variety of your favorite foods including vegetables, eggs, pasta, meats and more!

  • SAVORY TASTE; a blend of bold flavors w/ onion, garlic, chili powder & smoke for classic BBQ flavor
  • LARGE  12 OZ SIZE; now available in a large value size
  • PERFECT FOR POPCORN; use on warm, freshly popped popcorn to take the taste of your kernels to the next level
  • VERSATILE SEASONING; adds extra flavor to french fries, corn, pasta, potatoes, eggs, meats and more
  • SIMPLE TO SPRINKLE; just shake this easy-to-use blend on your favorite foods with the convenient sifting lid, no recipe needed
  • NO MSG ADDED; our high-quality, low-fat seasonings give you a guilt-free flavor upgrade
Size - 12 oz

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